June 1, 2011

One Question

"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans."
John Lennon

We work thousands of hours each year. Life gets busy. There are deadlines and meetings, commitments and activities. Someday becomes part of our daily routine. We plan for the future, we look forward to a time when we'll have more time or money.

Then suddenly another decade is gone. And no matter how much time or money we spend, we cannot change the past. That is what is going on in each of us, in each of the people in our organization, in each of our clients. That is what is happening with everyone you meet on Twitter, in the grocery store, at that business function, in your company. They are your family members and customers. None of us escapes it.

Filmmaker Kamil Krolak asked one question, the same question, to fifty people. What's your answer?

Kneale Mann

video credit: Kamil Films
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