June 23, 2011

Summer Business: It’s That Time of Year

Out of the Office and Not Checking Email

Flowers blooming, trees full, sun shining, if you live in colder climes then you are enjoying some warmer temperatures, ah yes, it’s time to just enjoy life for a bit. For two decades I used to be the martyr who would work on through while others took time to enjoy the weather and family. I’d often get praise from the boss and little else. After missing four seasons of golf the biggest fool in the organization was easy to find. The accolades are nice, the time never returns.

Time away from the endless content and busy work is imperative. More than a few times I have seen people write about the fact their Klout score went down or they lost blog subscribers because they took a vacation. Who cares! It's not important. You and keeping your sanity is the priority.

We all need to recharge and remember what all this work is for and it’s not simply to do more work. If you have kids, there is a very real reminder that summer is here. If you work from home those reminders can affect your ability to get anything accomplished.

Business Could Slow Down Too Much

This is not just common with the self-employed, it happens in large enterprise as well. You adopt summer hours, a casual dress code and there are simply less people around because of rotating vacations. You discovered renewed interest in the other important parts of life and suddenly the workplace doesn’t seem so daunting.

The social web is a great way to keep the lines of communication open and you don’t need to be sitting at your desk to accomplish that. And perhaps this summer is a chance for you to experiment and learn how the digital world can in fact enhance your business offering. Channels and technology can allow us to continue doing business no matter where we are with others doing the same.

Perhaps while your competitors have their hands off the wheel, this is the time to gain more ground?

Kneale Mann

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