September 11, 2011

Ten Years Later

It’s difficult to grasp it happened a decade ago but it’s impossible to grasp it happened at all. There are plenty of reminders, visuals and newly released material elsewhere so the only thing left to say is for us to remember so we don’t forget.

The images of a crisp bright morning shattered by hate are seared in our grey matter. And ten years later, the people lost remain in our consciousness. When faced with a life threatening scare, people take stock of their lives and what is important. One nagging question remains, have we done so since then?

3,650 Days

This week, we've seen news reports and additional new information. There are "where are they now” programs and follow-ups with families and friends. And as much as it remains a topic that seems to come up almost every week since it happened, the feelings of that day in 2001 become especially vivid on this horrible anniversary.

All our talk about revenue and branding, media and marketing, let’s remember the important stuff. Let’s do our due diligence for it not to repeat – anywhere, ever.

Let's Keep Our Faith in Each Other

Kneale Mann

image credit: flickr
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