May 5, 2012

Are We the Enlightened Ones?

It may be safe to suggest that humans have uttered the idiom “in this day and age” since we could form the words – in whatever language we spoke at the time. Some have claimed that there are more scientists alive today than in any other time in history.

We have seen monumental advancements in medicine, business and technology in the last one hundred years. However one seventh of world's population won’t eat today and there is war and conflict around the world. We have a way to go.

Make More Faster

The industrial revolution created mass production and transformed business and increased the ability for us to feed more people and make more things and create jobs and all that fun stuff.

But a workspace where a boss rules over the unwashed masses is flawed. Leadership must come from all of us but as Matthew Taylor explored two years ago and it remains true today, we may have some work to do on our 21st century enlightenment. 

Kneale Mann

Matthew Taylor | RSA
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