May 4, 2012

2012 List | Revisited

We like lists. They’re easy to read and review. It’s content in small digestible chunks. But without action, they’re just nice lists. On January 1st, I did yet another one and I was looking at it this week. Much work to be done, especially the singing!

Travel more Forget the past Turn your phone off Someday is not on the calendar Don't wait for approval Talk about them Say sorry Excuses won’t help you
Dream big. Do bigger Be gracious Thank your parents Make quick decisions

Trust yourself Numbers are irrelevant Read more, skim less 

Stop comparing yourself to others Make eye contact Their opinion is just their opinion Smile more Take one digital day off a month Enjoy the ride 

Stop doing anything that weakens you Keep an open mind Busy is a victim word
Plan ahead then be flexible Respect your own time Write something every day 

Move from what if to why not Meet five new people each week 

It's okay to be wrong Ask for help Hang with winners 
Don't rest on past accomplishments Reach higher Follow through

Take time off It doesn't matter what they say There are no instant wins

No excuses Help someone without their knowledge Go for it Ignore the news
Don't waste your time on naysayers Sing often Let them be right 

Tell others about someone fabulous You’ll never been done Say thank-you

Have dessert for dinner Trust your gut Do something ridiculous 
Sit quietly Be more tolerant Success is not a number

Focus on your strengths Start now Laugh at yourself Take the victory
Get some sleep Less talk, more do Do something scary Do nothing Go for a drive

Cherish friendship Negative thoughts are a waste of time Be yourself
The bucket list is meant to be lived Mistakes are allowed Your resume is not you

Yes you deserve it Don't wait No one can want it more than you
Lead with passion Take yourself out for dinner All we have is now

I hope your 2012 is going well so far!
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Kneale Mann

image: flickr
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