June 30, 2012

Inspiration and Opinion

I was recently hanging out with three buddies I have known for a long time and perhaps it's an age thing but we remarked how we care less and less about others’ opinions.

There’s a successful home renovator, a thriving real estate broker, a well established professor, and a leadership consultant. I met them when we were starting our careers and perhaps worried more about what others thought about us. But the realization that your own fulfilment is key can be a great motivator.

Each of us is responsible and does good work. But it’s more about how things change as you grow through your life. When you start out, you’re climbing ladders and establishing yourself, and perhaps the thoughts of others weigh heavier on you.

Why Do You Do That?

As you get more mileage under you, hopefully you realize your contribution is more critical than judgement. The challenge is how you get inspiration from others while keeping their opinions in perspective.

My professor friend asked me why I blog. He doesn’t get the point. His opinion is that it’s a waste of time. I told him that I began blogging simply to get my thoughts organized.

Learn and Share

If you enjoy the content, that’s fantastic! If you feel I can help your company, let’s chat. If you just want to drop by once in a while, that’s cool too. If something inspires you, that makes me happy. If you don't agree with my opinion, that's fine.

Through my work, I have the privilege of meeting business leaders who seek new learning and strategies to improve their leadership skills. Like my buddies, they have moved from relying on opinions to inspiring themselves and others.

That’s a pretty good work/life balance.

Kneale Mann

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