September 1, 2012

Olympians and Business Leaders

Each day on Twitter, I like to share a comment, quote, silly post, or thoughtful mention that may make you think, laugh, or learn. The first part of last month was the last week of the 2012 Olympics so you may notice we had some extra fun with that event.

Here’s the list from August 2012

• Won gold in the 4x100 snack and sip
• Slept through the lounge relay
• Landed silver for all-around opinions
• Tested positive for chocolate
• Achieved bronze in the 400m splashing IM
• World record holder in couch coaching
• Pulled a hamstring reaching for refreshments
• Received extra marks for posturing
• Landed bronze in individual couch sitting
• Disqualified for excessive TV remote use
• Won gold in snack assembly
• Congratulations to all who gave it their all
• Today is the first day of the rest of your week
• If you have to remind people what your title is, you've already lost the room
• Be persistent
• Relationships aren't a click of a mouse, they require care and involvement
• Focusing on what you did will distract you from what you can do
• Leadership is 10% skill and 90% life
• Always stay curious
• Life happens or we make it happen. The choice is up to us
• Do you dream or do?
• What you ask someone today how they are, mean it and wait for their response
• You don't have to have all the answers
• Self-doubt is not a good business partner
• Never underestimate the power of asking for help
• Never underestimate the power of helping others
• Leadership and trust take time
• Eradicate the naysayers
• Be the visionary for your own life
• Eat the frog
• Dream big. Do big. What's the downside?

Let’s go have some fun!

Kneale Mann

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