September 3, 2012

Where Do You Lead?

There are points throughout the year which may seem more reflective than most. Those include the end of the year and the end of summer. Year’s end is an easy watermark to measure what you may have accomplished, what you wanted to get done, and what you have set aside to reach for in the twelve months.

Summer in North American isn't officially over for a few weeks but Labour Day is often viewed as the unofficial end of the season where holidays are done and the kids go back to school. But this could have deeper meaning.


To some it’s an extra day with friends and family to enjoy nice weather and a meal outside. To others it’s the time to travel to college and begin a whole new, scary, and exciting adventure. I know at least six friends who are taking their kids this weekend and the bittersweet tears are mixed with joy and pride.

We know there are millions around the world looking for work. Whenever we can, we need to help each other because we don't always know what we need to know.


If you have a million bucks, I don’t view you as any more important than the woman who smiles every time I buy gas around the corner from my house. A CEO, school teacher, general contractor, leadership consultant, race car driver, it doesn’t matter. We all seek purpose and passion.

And while reflection may be mixed with holiday celebrations, this time of year is a good chance for us to remember something each of us can work on regardless of position or level of wealth. From running a Fortune 100 company to starting a career, we each have it within us.

We all have the ability to show up as leaders if we want.

Kneale Mann

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