December 23, 2012

Twenty-Three Leadership Ideas

It's been said repeatedly that leadership is not a job title and doesn’t materialize on a company’s org chart. It comes from communication and compassion about helping people grow. It thrives through action.

You don't acquire leadership with a pay raise or VP stripes. It requires daily focus and comes from inside you. Leadership is necessary from all stakeholders. You probably do most of these but here are some suggestions as you navigate your day.

Allow others to inspire. Find the how. Be present even during challenging times Have clear expectations. Don’t expect to ever have all the answers. Helping others is a privilege. Back your people up.Be bold. Never stop learning. Open door policies are for those who mean it. Don’t hide behind busy.

It’s their career too. Invest a minimum of 50% of your time helping people.
Be inquisitive. A team is more than celebrating victories. Lead don't boss.

Listen. Don’t hide when your people need you. Seek guidance from those who are committed to helping you grow. Customer service begins with you. Help grow their strengths. Be fair. Get to know what motivates your people.

Leadership may be the most rewarding work we will ever do. But we won't find it on our business card.

Kneale Mann

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