January 7, 2013

It Can Wait 'Til January

I hope you had some time off over the Holidays for friends, family, and fun! For many, today seems to be the first day of work for 2013. Let’s review a few of the things we may have promised last month just so we’re on track.

Let's talk when we get back from the break
You will need to begin that journey you once referred to as ‘later’.

Table that for January
Why do we push things off to some fictitious time in the future?

I’ll give you an answer after the Holidays
Vague promises server no one.

Can we deal with this in the New Year?
This means some time within a period of 365 days.

Let’s get right on that in January
"Right on that" means today, not some vague unscheduled non-event.

The best ways to improve your company’s performance are through strong internal customer service and strong leadership at all levels. If you want your team to bring forward ideas and feel a part of the process, then tell them when you are going to act and when you are simply not ready to take on new ideas.

We mean well at the time but may not heed the cumulative damage we create through vague promises to each other and to our customers.

It’s January. Let’s get to work.

Kneale Mann

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