February 20, 2013

Culture vs Revenue

Like change, good culture sounds great in theory but is not easy to execute. Culture is defined as the manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. It has also been described as the conditions suitable for growth. This goes well beyond dress code and office accouterments.

The number one reason people leave a company is because of how they are treated by their immediate direct report. Strategy is key to any successful business but so is healthy culture. Which do you think wins in a street fight? Which seeps into every crevice of a company? Which is the more critical to the bottom line?

Your Internal Supply Chain

In a recent Harvard Business Review article entitled Are You Creating Disgruntled Employees?, Joseph Folkman outlines six key elements which will help you improve the culture in your company. Those are; encourage me, trust me, take an interest in me, keep me in the loop, be honest with me, and connect with me.

Poor culture kills companies but hides in full view as leadership point to other issues as culprits. If you want more revenue and market share, why not try encouragement, trust, interest, openness, honesty or connection?

Yeah, that'd be great.

Kneale Mann

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