May 24, 2013

Ctrl Alt Delete – Our Future Depends On It

Back in mid-90’s I met this cool smart dude when we were both slogging it out in the music industry. He was running a music magazine and working with musicians while I was programming radio stations.

Fast forward a couple or 20 years and Mitch Joel has become a great friend, someone I look to for advice, and always enjoy reading his daily blog posts.

He Started It

This site exists because five years ago Mitch kicked my ass to write and keep writing. And you can call him a 25 year overnight success because he only works every day at his craft while sharing constantly, speaking around the world, and ensuring his digital agency Twist Image remains healthy and strong. Other than that, the guy's a slacker!

He published his first book Six Pixels of Separation which you should have if you don't already.  Now he has released his new book which may scare you then inspire you.

Joel's second book Ctrl Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends On It is out this week. Mitch and I will have a chat about it here on the site in a while so we can get even more insight from him. We may even talk a little music while we're at it. Pick up the book and let's learn together. Congrats Mitch!

And check out the best book site ever right here.
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Mitch Joel | Ctrl Alt Delete
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