July 26, 2013

The Endless Supply Chain

My passion is to help leaders become better leaders, companies to be more collaborative, and guide the communications process that loosens the boardroom constraints. But I've been thinking a lot about the sales process lately.

Yes, we're "all in sales", but I'm referring to a career that has defined metrics. You sell, you survive. You don't sell, your commission is affected. You park your laptop on a desk in the “sales department” kind of sales. You have numbers you need to hit this quarter, kind of sales. You eat what you kill, kind of sales. Your job is business development aka revenue, kind of sales.

Is it all about the numbers?

I believe we are all in the supply chain and we are all part of the sales process but this is the actual department that is saddled with bringing in the actual money. The support system is the rest of the organization because sales as we all know does not begin or end with the invoice.

If your function is overseeing a sales organization - put the spreadsheets down and help your people with the people part.  Leadership and culture drive the behavior that will improve your corporate heath. So for just one week don't mention numbers. I know that sounds counterproductive but try it for one week. Focus on people, relationships, passion, solutions, and see what happens.

To anyone in salesyou have my gratitude and respect.  
To anyone who doesn't think they are in sales – look again.
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