June 11, 2013

A 12-Step Program for Leaders

We like lists. They’re nice and tidy. We can agree or argue over the content or order, but they certainly start conversations. They could be the 10 best restaurants in Philadelphia, the most desirable countries in which to live, the biggest sporting breakdowns in history, etc.

As someone who loves helping and coaching leaders, I thought it was time for another list. Argue, discuss, debunk, or perhaps make your own list for leaders.

These are in no particular order...

• It begins inside us
• We're not supposed to have all the answers
• Understand what we need and then ask what they need
• Bring our life to work so we can bring our work to life
• What got us here won’t get us there
• Reserve at least 30% of our time to help our team, group, department
• Our best work is ahead of us
• Internal customer service begins with us
• Leadership is verb
• Understand collaboration is keeping our mind open to others’ ideas and input
• We must make time for think time
• There are many I’s in team – inspire, insight, include, integrate, idea
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