September 22, 2011

Size Does Matter

Go Big Or Give In?

We’re told at an early age that we need to think and dream big. Trying hard was important but finishing second wasn't as good enough. Of course we should always have decorum and respect of others and speaking from experience, waiting and hoping is not wise strategy.

Chris Brogan wrote a post about choices and it’s one you need to read. We are going through a time when our choices are more important than our tasks and the two are very different. I believe that we want to live a life of purpose from birth but in our quest to stay busy and climb some corporate ladder or chase money, we lose the reason we’re doing it in the first place.

No One Gets Out of Here Alive

I was on a client call recently and my contact was having trouble with her direct report so the three of us hoped on a call. Much to her surprise, he simply said; “Hey, we’re all gonna die some day so let’s find a way to fix this little blip” and it was done. They got off the phone and worked it out.

The size of our dreams and goals cannot necessarily be measured in dollars or market share. In fact, when we do focus on those metrics, trouble ensues. I spent the summer working on a complete shift of myself and my company which continues to evolve.

Victims and Memes

Brogan writes about how we make choices even when we think it’s not our decision. And he’s right. We play the victim or it becomes easier to think someone else gets to be judge and jury. Millions of people on this marble don't have a choice so if you do, cherish it. I know I've begun to do so much more carefully lately. We have a finite amount of time and we seem to be very good at wasting it on the trivial.

Michael Port has built the Think Big Revolution. Marcus Buckingham focuses only on helping people realize and work where they are strongest. Anthony Robbins inspires thousands simply saying - yes you can. There are people who inspire you and there are people you inspire. That's the stuff we need to pay more attention to and not those who don't know us or don't have our best interest at heart.

New Direction

The next time you are faced with an issue at work or in your business, take a moment and breathe. Then look at two options – doing it the way you’ve always done it or trying it the way you've always wanted. Shoulda woulda coulda is right now.

Let's actually think, dream and do big. Let's actually take some chances. Let's actually help each other get there. Let's actually stop worrying so much and live much more. We're all gonna die some day so what's the downside.

You In?

Kneale Mann

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