September 24, 2013

Do You Enjoy Your Work?

Millions of employee surveys have been conducted in our time on this planet.  The usual issues come up in every one – our compensation, ability to advance, appreciated talents, and purpose realized. The interesting discovery in most studies is that someone's salary is usually not the source of their biggest grievances.

I'm sure you know someone (I hope it’s not you!) who is unhappy at work. It could be the work, but it’s quite often the stuff around the work – leadership, culture, people, collaboration, communication, and other human elements. Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers writes; “Hard work is a prison sentence only if it does not have meaning.”

Dan Arielya professor of psychology and behavioral economicsexplains some of the elements that make people happy or unhappy at work.

Kneale Mann | Leadership Strategist, consultant, writer, speaker, executive coach facilitating performance growth with leaders, management, and teams.

TED | Dan Ariely
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