July 14, 2014

No Instruction Manual

We live in a plug-in-play world. The gadget comes with an instructional manual but few (none) of us take the time to read it. Our collective impatience is too strong. We want to open the box and start using it. If there’s a problem, we’ll call someone or research the answer online.

What do we do when we can’t figure out how people work? There is no owner’s manual with human interaction and relationships. Decades of experience can only give us a guide but each person is wired and motivated differently. Yet often the business world tries to do just that.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Leadership is complex. If you have kids, you may have taught them how to ride a bike. At first, you put on training wheels, and then over time you raised them off the ground so your child could slowly learn how to balance.

Then the day came when the training wheels were removed. You may have stood nervously as they started to pedal off without your help or the help of two extra wheels. That’s trust in them, the system, and yourself.

Letting Go

You gave them the tools but eventually had to let them find their way. Survey Says You hear claims such as; “millennials behave this way” or “women don't like that” which are a dangerous generalizations.

Marketing companies try and predict habits and companies attempt to guide behavior but it won't help with your day-to-day personal and professional relationships. Data won't provide a short cut to human behavior.

Making time for each other may be a good place to start.
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