June 19, 2015

Asking for Help

I had a great chat last week with a good friend. She said I wasn’t being open enough here on my website and I wasn’t putting enough skin in the game for you to understand my point of view and share more of me. She made some great points.

Then this week, I had one of those life conversations with my best friend. We’ve known each other since high school. It’s a rich relationship. No topic is off-limits. We talk about careers and relationships, music and cars, dreams and wishes, and we have been there for each other through the ups and downs over 35 years.

We’re often asked how we became friends because we are so different. He is analytical and I am emotional. He is a math guy and I’m a creative guy. But we find common ground and enjoy the differences each bring to the friendship.

Upon Reflection

Both conversations were actually about me and I didn’t realize it until a few days later. I am in the process of reviewing my entire career, my life, my relationships, and my work. I have been through the most transformative year of my life. Both know me well and in their own way outlined that I wasn’t believing in myself as much as others do or as much as I believe in others!

Then I had a call yesterday with a colleague in Seattle I met on the social web. We don’t know each other that well but it was a fantastic conversation about where each of us is and where we want to be in our lives. We became fast friends a couple of years ago and though we don’t talk often, it’s one of those relationships that you can go months without talking then pick it up like it was yesterday.

Two-Way Street

The real takeaway from all three conversations was that I enjoy helping others but have a terrible time asking for help. She asked how she could help me write stronger posts. My best friend offered to introduce me to two new clients and told me he will help anyway he can. And my Seattle friend ended the call with a genuine; “Let me know what you need from me”.

I finally slowed down for five seconds and realized three people who were offering to help me. We are told that a stiff upper lip, smile on our face, and shoulders back is the way to go. We aren’t allowed to be unsure or ask a friend for advice or guidance. And frankly, that’s a bunch of crap! Offer help and ask for help.

Your relationships and your life will be richer for it!
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