October 22, 2015

Cut Your List in Half

I was chatting with a good friend this week and we were discussing what each of us was working on, wanting to do, and numerous ideas and dreams. She recounted a story about helping her daughter with a list that was getting too big. She took the list and wrote down two items.

She then told her daughter to do one of the items and come back to her. Her daughter did it and she told her daughter she had cut her list in half. She then added one more item and they repeated the process several times.

It’s brilliant and simple!

We mean well but are we really going to accomplish several dozen tasks? We humans seem to be pretty good a making lists – mentally and literally. I want to finish my book, connect with new clients, complete that customer project, travel more, etc etc etc. But I’ve begun making lists of two’s. Then cutting my list in half and doing one. Then adding another and so on. Try it with your team. Try it with your family.

Busy is a victim word we all use. Look at ways of cutting your list of two in half then repeat. Over time you may notice some items on the long list shouldn't be there at all as you really have no intention of doing them. So try it today and cut your list in half.

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