November 3, 2015

Big Moments

When you're thinking of an idea, a project, a career move, a relationship change, or any other important event in your life, it's often easier to let your mind fly a bit. These are big moments in our lives; to take that new gig on the west coast, to leave that person who has shared your life, to buy that house, the list goes on. We face decisions every day but the big ones can be debilitating.

I was in a relationship that was going nowhere but I was too scared to move forward. It wasn't my fault, it wasn't hers, we both got stuck and once that messy process was done, we were both better off.

"Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task." William James

I once took a job on a handshake. It was a big move, a big opportunity, and it changed the trajectory of my life. It shifted my thinking, it kicked me in the ass, it made me stand up straight and take a chance.

You're facing something in your life right now. You know it can't stay where it is but you're scared or unsure which way to go. Find quiet, make a list of pros and cons, and take the necessary time. Go for a drive, crank some music, get time alone, and do what it takes to face it head on so you can identify exactly what you're looking at.

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