November 10, 2015

Nine Questions

You don’t have to look far to find someone who has a model or gadget or program that promises to help you with your business. I’ve been in corporate and consulting roles for three decades. I’ve used assessment tools for talent development, programs for team development, coaching and facilitation tools, and a myriad others but I’m asked all the time to define my ideal client.

It begins with a willing participant. That wasn't always clear. I used to think I could share my wisdom or make money or some other misguided reason. Without that willingness, your offer won't mean a thing to them. I found that out the hard way.

I like working with companies that are growing and want to grow more. This isn’t about cutting costs and making cheaper products to increase the profit margin. This is about becoming an even better company – inside and out. Rarely do I meet a leader or owner who isn’t interested in improving. I often meet leaders who think it's simply about making more sales calls.

Do You Know Your Why?

Simon Sinek in his book “Start with Why” states repeatedly that great leaders find people who believe what they believe. He writes about Apple and Southwest Airlines; companies that are beacons for knowing why they exist while Walmart – the largest retailer on earth – has lost its why and it’s now all about the bottom line.

I have nine questions that will unlock everything you and your company does, stands for, and wants to do. Let’s book a call (519-803-7130) and we can uncover your nine answers. The call will cost you nothing. You’ll be amazed what you discover.

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As a passionate leader, Kneale Mann has extensive experience in project management, leadership development, business, marketing, media, and talent coaching in numerous industries and organizations including; radio, digital marketing, corporate training, real estate, financial services, healthcare and more. He is always open to meeting companies and organizations who want to become even greater.
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