April 15, 2016

The Human View

The topic of what makes a great leader has been debated forever. When you think of the values a mentor has brought to you, it’s often those intangible aspects which are more difficult to define.

In business, it's tough to be thrown into a new role when you may be good at the work but not as well versed at the people part. It's easy to point to those who have handled leadership with grace but it's not a skill you learn in short order. And it can certainly be a balancing act when the organization continually reminds you profit is the goal.

Fear can be why strong leadership is often as rare as great customer service. The five C's can help...

Communicate - To impart knowledge or to make known.
Collaborate - To work and learn with another.
Cooperate - To act together for a common purpose or benefit.
Considerate - To show awareness or regard for another's feelings.
Compassionate - To have a feeling of sympathy for another.

Without human elements, your results will remain a mystery.
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