December 19, 2018

Change and Transform

It wins elections, looks great on a coffee cup, and can inspire nations. The promise of improvement can move people to do immense things. 50.1% of the British population voted to leave the European Union. Did they vote for change or a hope to change back the clocks of time?

Change can also mean alter, transform, amend, or revolutionize which sound powerful. The way it is isn't as good as the way it could be, and for that we need change. But with change comes resistance and conflict.

Often we can look back and know the change was a good thing but our fear of the unknown can make us freeze. Change can be hard and comfort zone has its name for a reason. Whether it's voting out a government, renovating the upstairs bathroom, opening our hearts for a new relationship, or tackling that new challenge, change is constant.

It's what we do about it that counts.
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