June 19, 2023

What's Your Why?

This isn't a book review or a paid post; this is simply something I wanted to share which may help you as well. I do quite a bit of reading and I usually gravitate to books that end up being more like life manuals. 

For that reason, I often read them more than once and get the audiobook for the car. I've read the book twice and I'm now on my second round with the audiobook of Find Your Why by Simon Sinek. Earlier this year, I listened to one of his previous works; Start With Why for the third time.

Clearly Stated

I was in a client meeting last week and we discussed this phenomena. This is a team who clearly knows why their company exists and why they chose to work there which was refreshing. In my experience, leaders can often clearly articulate what their company does, makes, or provides, but struggle with the deeper meaning behind it all.  

We don't need to give any credence to those barking online how their opinions are all-knowing and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. I want to know why I do, act, and think certain ways. I want to gain more insight into why I may make decisions that don't serve me. You might feel the same way.  

Discovering Why

Find Your Why is an excellent companion to the earlier work because it dives into our true purpose and what ignites our passion. It's a thought-provoking book that takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Sinek presents insights and advice that can help all of us uncover our personal and professional why. 

One of the highlights for me is when he discusses the power of purpose-driven living. This is when we are able to align our actions with our core values and beliefs.

Emotional Roadmap

If we can understand our why, we can get closer to what will bring us fulfillment and make a meaningful impact in our personal and professional life. I review this book often to keep myself focused but it also helps you help others find their why. 

The benefit of that is in professional and personal relationships. How better will the relationship with your partner be if you can gain more understanding of why they like certain things, gravitate to certain activities, and choose particular career paths? How valuable will it be for you to be able share yours with them?

It might be worth consideration.
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