May 11, 2009

37 Business Ideas

If you’re in business, it’s safe to say you want to win. And if you don’t want to win, one must ponder the reason you’re in business.

Often companies are looking for the competitive advantage.

Imagine for a moment that you had to find those things you could do better than your competition and you had no additional capital to do so. Not much of a stretch these days!

In no particular order, here are 37 ideas you may want to try…

1. Be honest with yourself.
2. The customer may not know what they need.
3. Read Cluetrain Manifesto. Free copy here.
4. Don’t blame others.
5. Mean it.
6. Actually keep an open mind.
7. Have a plan.
8. Help others when there’s nothing in it for you.
9. Lighten up.
10. Actually give good customer service.
11. Over deliver.
12. Never call yourself an expert.
13. Return emails.
14. Demand honest perspective from others.
15. Focus.
16. Anticipate customer need.
17. It’s not about price.
18. Laugh often.
19. Drive a different way to work
20. Say thank-you.
21. Figure out what you can win.
22. Listen or watch something motivational every day.
23. Don’t hide.
24. Ask for feedback and wait for the answer.
25. Avoid preconceived notions.
26. Your resume is irrelevant.
27. Tell the truth.
28. Be willing to give some for free.
29. Keep it simple.
30. Don’t over-think. Don’t under plan.
31. Listen to customers. No, really.
32. Have lunch out of the office by yourself.
33. Work smarter.
34. Deliver what you said you would deliver.
35. Manage expectations.
36. Eat more chocolate.
37. Remember, none of us gets out of this alive.


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