September 3, 2010

The Physics of Marketing

Where science and behavior converge.

Far too often you can read diatribes and monologues about branding this and positioning that and little of it has a stitch to do with satisfying the customer.

When asked about their tastes and behavior, most people lie and those lies become the basis for decisions. One bad week, one bad post, one bad comment can dismantle decades of managing a brand.

We live in a self-publishing world where anyone with a connection and a keyboard can share their thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Dan Cobley is director of marketing in the UK for a little company you may have heard about called Google. Through the persistence of a teacher who taught him that physics is cool, Dan went on to get a degree from Oxford.

Here Cobley explains how his passions for marketing and physics are much more related than you may think. [video]

Create experiences not campaigns.

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