October 26, 2010

The Platform For Change

Sounds good on paper.

Yesterday in Ontario, Canada – where I live – millions went to voting stations to cast their ballot in municipal elections.

During any election – at any level – there is usually at least one candidate who stands on the platform of change. But change is powerful yet ambiguous word.

It sounds good on the surface but do we know what it really means? The Obama team orchestrated a masterful campaign a couple of years ago on the platform of this sucks and we can make it better. We love change – in theory.

Change is a way of life.

However the human mind is finite and has difficulty grasping concepts that have no solution, end, cure or a job well done. We don't build businesses on the concept of change, we build them on revenue models and market share.

Change is by definition a moving target. We often view change in a positive light with regards to our situation. Things aren’t going our way but change will improve your lot in the organization.

But we know what it feels like when the rumours begin about changes in the company. The whispers begin. The conversations among stakeholders at lunch and after work increase and all the while the worse case scenarios are examined. If changes are coming, will you be one of the ones let go?

Think about your organization and the daily changes you experience. How can you embrace change for the better without causing panic while paying close attention to those items that are working and don’t need to be revised?

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