December 26, 2010

Boxing Day | Shopping Day?

It is also a day to remember the millions of people who aren't so fortunate and in harm’s way. I watched CNN Heroes last night and that is a show that can give us some needed perspective. We can stop our whining now.

Year End Blowout!

In many areas of the world, today is Boxing Day. This is a tradition that began long before iPads and flat screens. It started centuries ago in many European countries as the “second Christmas” for those less fortunate. Gifts and necessities were delivered in boxes by those who were of means to do so.

Limited Time Offer!

In Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and now the U.S., today and the rest of this coming week is huge for retail. Some claim the best bargains of the year happen right now. We can discuss the science of sales and the tactic of giving the impression of a great price another time. Urgency is the order of the day and it's crunch time.

Everything Must Go!

From Cadillacs to candy canes, everything that can be exchanged for money is tied to the shopping season of late November to early January. Many companies make or break their year during this sliver of time each year and Christmas is no longer the only objective. The next seven days are crucial so the "deals" will be "everywhere".

Sale Sale Sale!

Economic movement is a good thing, but perhaps we can also spend some of our down time this year on some work. And then perhaps as the credit card bills come in and we emerge from a pumpkin pie haze, we will be ready to get stuff done in January.

Some of us are open for business next week, but I digress.

As we search for a great price on items we don't need, perhaps we should focus a little time on what we do need.  

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