April 25, 2011

Collaborative Business Growth

Let's Have a Meeting

You don't need to spend much time in the social web before you see someone mention the importance of collaboration. It is the essence of networks and groups. It is why we form teams and clubs. It is the reason we live in cities and towns. It is the driving force behind commerce. It is why most iPhone owners prominently display the device rather than leave it in their pocket. It is our need to connect, be accepted and belong.

Imagine working where ideas are shared and appreciated, each and every person in the organization is valued and progress is measured not by empty promises and well crafted corporate speak but by the accomplishments of everyone involved. For real!

Boss Breaks Tie

When you have a roomful of opinions all fighting for a voice in a decision making process, the result is often a lot of indecision. Each of us is entitled to our thesis but this is where the water gets murky.

Some people get special treatment, some rank higher on the organizational chart and others don't care. So if a team environment is the goal, optics certainly won't be enough to carry it off. No one is buying "our people are important" if they're not.

The View from Here

Each of us brings our own set of sensibilities for collaboration. In my case, I like being in a creative environment where people can back up their stuff. I don't want them to feel cornered if they are proven wrong or shown something they don't know. I want to be in a room where everyone in the room wants to be there. Life is a lesson so why on earth do we try and give the impression we know it all?

When I meet with a business owner who wants to improve the bottom line, it's often much more than a revenue issue. I like to examine how digital opportunities can enhance - not necessarily, replace - what they're doing. But it begins with internal customer service. How are they collaborate to give great customer service is essential.

Less Talk More Action

The average person is working 1,800 hours each year and that number is growing. One way to improve your work environment would be to have less meetings and pamphlets about teamwork and prove it through action.

What steps can you take within your organization right now that can improve collaboration and in turn increase revenue?

Kneale Mann

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