July 14, 2011

38 Strategic Business Ideas

Never stop learning
Write every day
You can’t do it all
Coach well
Make a Plan
Ask for what you want
Trust yourself
Meet strangers
Accept help
Read outside of your expertise
Find your weaknesses and delegate them
Work smart not hard. Then work hard
Walk away once in a while
Tell your friends and family then get back to work
It's your business, take it personally
Eliminate activities that will not grow your business
Follow through on what you promise
The customer is not always right, they need your help
Schedule regular think time
Others’ opinions are their opinions, that’s all
Find smarter people than you and hire or work with them
Don’t confuse activity with progress
Allow talent to grow
Identify your strengths and exploit them
Remember you are allowed a life
Welcome surprises
Covering your butt is not a strategy
Provide superior customer service
Read every day
Know you don’t know what you don’t know
Stick to your Plan
Panic rarely solves anything
Do one or two things really well
Luck will occur if the focus remains
Get an outside unbiased opinion of your company
It’s hard work, pace yourself
Hire well
Act with evidence, not emotion
Meet five new people every week

I hope this list gives you some ideas for your business growth.

Kneale Mann

image credit: taexalia
original posted: September 2010
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