September 24, 2011

Business Strategy | What Motivates Us?

Scientists have tried to explain our existence for as long as we have existed. The gorgeous maple tree outside my office is a welcome companion but I still marvel on how it got to be a tree in the first place. No, I’m not going weird on you but we often fill our consciousness with business talk and economic negativity but forget a key element which is how we interact and grow with each other.

I hear business owners often claim they want to improve the bottom line while playing lip service to the importance of people – which includes stakeholders and customers.

Your Voice Heard

How do you react when someone clearly doesn’t care about you or your opinion? Well, we do it in business all day long and here’s the revelation, it isn’t working. Human business, social business and collaboration are not just hashtags and buzzwords.

I could write many well crafted sentences about Daniel Pink but I’ll just say this – the dude rocks! If you run a company, work for yourself, need to find a more creative way to get your ideas forward, grab a fresh coffee, take twenty minutes and watch Dan’s 2009 Global TEDTalk about the science of motivation.

Go. Watch. Now.

Kneale Mann

visual credit: TED
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