April 20, 2012

It's Never Enough

I was on a client call recently and the tone was clear, she didn’t feel she had enough time or resources to carry out the solution we had identified together. It became the barrier to every discussion point.

She began to think she simply didn't have enough time or money. Looking at how to solve the issue was replaced by a flat out no. Any option – free or otherwise – was dismissed in place of her current constraints. In her mind, a solution was unattainable.

Life Imitates Life

Have you ever felt yourself shut down and think no solution seemed plausible? There never seems to be enough time, money, resources, people, sunlight, matching socks, peace and quiet, food, good shows on TV, shelter, budget, gas in the tank. Though new socks every morning would be sweet!

At times, we put ourselves into a corner and begin to read the new reality as our only choice. "We have no budget for that" replaces "is this a good idea?"

Walk away. Ask for help. Give yourself some time to replace those no’s with some how’s. Try a new route for a change.

Kneale Mann

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