August 6, 2012

Delegating Your Busy

It’s been said more times than we can count that we’re busy. There are meetings and family commitments and chores and email and deadlines and calls and stress and projects and the list continues. We are busy people doing busy things keeping busy with our busy lives being busy.

Years ago, I worked with a wonderful mentor who compared the work we were doing in a larger city next to when he lived in a smaller larger urban area. He said; “Sure this is a busier place, but I’m not convinced people are getting any more done.”

Technology Tether

A colleague of mine reads email twice a week. If you want to get a hold of him, send a text and he’ll usually get back to you within a day or two. If it's urgent, call him. He says email is a waste of time. And when you think of how many of us keep our thumbs posed on smartphones, how much is helping our advancement or fulfilment?

It’s disheartening when I speak with people about their relationships at work. All too often, they are starving for interaction and guidance from leadership, yet the boss is always far too busy for that personal stuff.

This is Important

We check our phones at a baseball game or late Friday night at a house party. If you’re expecting an important call or you’re the person others need to contact should there be an actual emergency, that’s understandable. But I was answering email in the grocery line the other day. How ridiculous.

If we're simply doing it by rote and we don't need to do anything significant with our phone, perhaps we should turn it off and enhance relationships right beside us.

If we're too busy to be here, because we need to be there,
we might too busy to be anywhere.

Kneale Mann

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