September 21, 2012

17 Things

Effective leadership is not about creating more noise and confusion, yet we can’t seem to help it. Our lives are packed with information and most of it isn’t important.

We attend meetings that create more meetings. We check our smartphones more often than we blink. We make everything top priority. We think multi-tasking is effective.

We over think every decision. We make easy things more complicated. We spend far too much time obsessing about yesterday and tomorrow. We wear busy like a badge of honour. And we leave very little time for ourselves.

Here are few ideas to get us out of that routine.

Don’t be available all the time. Let them be right. Take a think day. Sleep in. Be flexible. Take a long lunch. Shut off the computer for an entire day. Be out of the loop. Stop following other people’s dreams. Let someone else handle it. Listen to an hour of music without doing anything else. Have cereal for dinner. Go with our gut. Stop taking advice from negative people. Skip the meeting. Don’t be so hard on ourselves. Buy the shoes.

Then we can get back to the busy.

Kneale Mann

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