September 19, 2012

Inspirational People | Simon Sinek

We recently started a feature on this site. It began with the desire to find out who inspires readers, friends, and colleagues. If someone comes to mind, send me an email

The Three Rules: Is the information valuable to my work or life? Is the author doing actual work to back it up? Do they challenge me, make me think, and/or make me move to do something?

Simon Sinek | Re:Focus

For my entire career, I subscribed to a business mantra I thought was bolted to concrete. You devise the strategy then add tactics to accomplish your ideas. Build the plan then execute what you need to do to get it done. But Simon Sinek changed it with a box of markers and an easel.

Without knowing why we do something, all the strategy in the world won't help us. Simon also challenges the concept of leadership and reminds us in order to be a leader we need to find those who believe what we believe.

Laptop Begone

While many of us pour over PowerPoint slide decks for speaking engagements, Sinek utilizes simple tools to get us to think clearer and make things better. One man, one hour, one easel, three markers, and one captivated audience.

Simon Sinek uses clear thoughts on his site, with clients, and on stage to simplify concepts which may appear complex. And he will definitely create a reaction.

What matters most is what we do about it.

Kneale Mann

Simon Sinek
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