October 1, 2012

Spring Into Fall

A daily routine I started late last year was to post a saying or thought each morning on Twitter which may make you think, do, move, or create. Some are insightful, some from great leaders, some silly, and some derived from pop culture.

Here's the list from September 2012

Two ears, one mouth. Dance like everyone's watching. A day to relax, a day to reflect. Would you rather improve on your strengths or work on your weaknesses?

Leadership is not found in an annual report. Don't waste too much time worrying about what you could have done, it's done.

Go easy on yourself, you deserve it. What will you do for you? Never underestimate how much you can accomplish. We will never ever forget. (9/11 reference)

Let's keep our best foot forward, going back won't help us. Help someone without the need for payback. Leadership demands that we make tough choices. Alan Autry

Life/work balance shouldn't be a theory. If you worry too much about the past or future, you may miss now. Meet five new people this week, you'll be glad you did.

Laugh at yourself often. Our perspective can often obstruct our view. Busy is a choice. Reflect on three things that went well this week and how can you build on them.

Embrace you wisdom. Learn from those you lead. Asking for help is a strength. Spend less time doing email and more time helping your team.

Leadership is listening. Dream. Do. Repeat. Never underestimate the power of your ability. Data, experience, and opinions are helpful but don't forget your gut.

Pick up the phone and call them, they'll appreciate it. Breathe.

Go forth and inspire

Kneale Mann

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