March 2, 2013

Cooperative Collaboration

There is no shortage of data on how we communicate and collaborate. We have teams, families, clients, friends, work spaces, social networks, neighbors, colleagues, partners, clubs, customers, and other ways to satisfy our inherent need to belong.

Though it's been around since the dawn of our time, collaboration is celebrating a revolution. The sharing of ideas is multiplying at speeds our minds can’t compute while we are learning and solving faster and more efficiently than ever. This is why culture and leadership are critical to our survival.

Writer and teacher Howard Rheingold published Smart Mobs in 2002 which explored the potential for technology to augment collective intelligence. He then worked with
The Institute for the Future to create and launch a broad based literacy of cooperation.

His 2005 TEDTalk remains just as relevant today.

Kneale Mann

Howard Rheingold
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