January 10, 2014

No White Flags

Steve Gleason has been immortalized with a statue entitled "Rebirth" outside the New Orleans Superdome. The reason for the monument is a blocked punt he made as a member of the Saints in their first game back to the stadium 21 months after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The play symbolized the city's rebirth.

In 83 NFL games, as a Safety and on special teams, Gleason collected 59 sacks. He has had many more challenges since his playing days ended. He retired before the Saints won Super Bowl XLIV but the team awarded him a Super Bowl ring and a key to the city. And there continues to be pressure for the team to retire Gleason's #37 jersey.

Unthinkable News

In 2011, Steve announced he was battling ALS at the tender age of 34. With strength few of us can fathom, he has turned this horrific news into inspiration and symbolized it with the the phrase "No White Flags" or never give up.

He has created Team Gleason and has involved many NFL players to raise awareness and money to finally find a cure for this cruel disease. Steve Gleason received a death sentence but instead of waiting to die, he decided to live.

Watch these then let's do something about it.

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