July 2, 2014

This Time of Year

Summer has arrived in North America where I live and the tone of client conversations is changing. People seem a bit more relaxed and happy. Void of data, I can assume after a long hard winter, most are looking forward to some vacation time, time to unplug, time for family and friends, time without deadlines and email.

I know I live a privileged life. Like you, I have plenty of challenges and setbacks, but if perspective is kept in clear view, it’s a pretty good ride. But if we don’t take time away from work, our work will suffer. If we don’t unplug and step away, we will burn out. And if we never take time for life, well, you know the result.

Turn it Off

What would happen if you didn't check email for a day or attend a meeting tomorrow or not return that call until next week? The sun will come up, life will go on, and in fact, you may even be more rested and sharper to deal with deadlines after some time away.

Now add in the feelings you get when you are about to take some vacation time or when you’re away enjoying that thing called life. That’s the imperative ingredient to bring back with your new suntan.

Now go enjoy some time off, you've earned it!
Kneale Mann | Leadership Strategist, consultant, writer, speaker, executive coach facilitating performance growth with leaders, management, and teams.

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