August 13, 2015

Step Inside Your Company

This week, I visited a new client’s business and got to meet the entire team. My contact took me around the building introducing me. I was met with warmth and firm handshakes. After two months of getting to know this organization, and more importantly the people inside it, I felt they knew I was there to help.

I’m often struck by the people inside an organization. Each has a story, each has passion and goals, and until we spend time getting to know them, we really don’t know much about what makes a company tick. Sure, great teamwork creates bigger profits and a collaborative culture garners more success but there is much more under the surface before we get there.

Beyond the Bottom Line

This is bigger than grasping that each person’s success may be measured differently. The sales department needs to drive revenue, operations needs to ensure the whole process is efficient, senior management must confirm they are keeping the team and partners happy, while the product or creative team is measured by generating and executing great ideas.

When we meet someone for the first time, it is imperative we understand that trust and openness take time. It’s critical we remember these are people, not drones or machines. We don’t want to be put into a constrained box so it won’t work if we do that to our team members.

Underneath the Job Titles

But with respect and an open mind, teams can create magic if they step inside and appreciate the people behind the work. I met some people who had worked at this company for 2-3 decades and their genuine passion was evident. People often ask me what is my ideal client and it’s this team because they are doing well, enjoying their work, but have a passion to make it even better.

Take a moment and look at your team, department, or company. Shelve the work for a moment and step inside the people involved. You may just get a revelation that has been sitting right in front of you all along.

Grab a coffee and get to know each other.
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