November 24, 2016

Collaborative Culture Creates Cash

Every company wants success. Every shareholder wants the stock price go up every day. You want this year to be better than last. So do I. But we hit snags, gain victories, trip up, succeed, and make mistakes, all because that is the human condition.

If you’re open to a bottom line that will grow while you are strengthening the goals and desires of your team members, you're halfway there. Take your eye off the revenue long enough to help your people grow and your revenue will follow.

Give then take

As Daniel Pink says, the carrots and the sticks approach, is antiquated and short-sighted. Time and time again, I've spoken with companies who list talent retention as a big concern yet they don’t invest ample time in helping their team members grow past orientation and basic training.

Money is a driver for why we show up to work every day but it shouldn't be the only one. And if it is for your team, you have a serious issue. We should encourage everyone to bring their life to work if we expect their work to have life. Leadership is about inspiring a culture of collaboration to reach the very goals we seek in the first place.

I think it's worth a try.

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