July 17, 2022

I Don't Want Fries With That

As I tried on the suit for the first time in three years, I suddenly realized how the pandemic had affected me on a level I was ignoring. I can't speak for you, but the last couple of years have been challenging and my midriff has paid for it.

As I was donating the suit to a local clothing drive, I realized I had avoided it. Yeah, I put on a few pounds, okay, more than a few pounds and it wasn't the pandemic's fault. It was the guy who avoids mirrors and buys larger tshirts' fault. 

First world problems

Millions around the world won't have a nutritious meal today. My growing girth is not a calamity. It has been caused by a guy who has been working from home the last two plus years who needs to get off his backside, lose the carbs, and stop making excuses. You may also be this guy. 

The emotional toll the pandemic has caused for literally billions is a much larger issue than my waistline and despite the fact losing weight needs to be a top priority for me, I also need to accept that these last couple of years have knocked me down emotionally. I'm sure they have done the same to you. So while I lose the weight and you deal with your situation, let's agree something.  

Let's be kind to each other and compassionate to all of us.
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