November 25, 2010

34 Reasons to be Thankful

Today and Every Day

I am a proud Canadian. I live in the most multicultural country on earth which means there is never a shortage of places to find great food and learn customs from all over the world.

We have clean drinking water, safe roads, universal health care and an abundance of natural resources.

There are about 33 million of us spread over the second largest land mass in the world but despite some suspicions we do not all speak French or live in igloos and it is not winter eleven months of the year.

What is true is that innovation, ideas and creativity are plentiful in Canada.

It is a wonderful place to live.

Canadian Thanksgiving was on October 11th this year. Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. And since over half of the visitors to this space are from the U.S., I thought I would mention some of what I am thankful for every day.

• My family
• Great friends
• A sense of humour
• Learning daily
• Creativity
• Better understanding of me
• Abilities yet to be fully developed
• Incredible people I have met through various social networking channels
• Chocolate
• Opportunity to help others
• Conceptual thinking
• Humility
• You
• Options for my career path
• Wisdom of Mom
• Fascinating clients
• Passion for writing
• Help when I least expect it from the most surprising of places
• Tireless mentors
• Feedback
• An inquisitive mind
• Health
• Choice to quest a fulfilling career
• Freedom
• Four brothers from other mothers
• Ice cream
• Passion
• Appetite for more
• Childlikeness of Dad
• Fabulous colleagues
• People on my side
• Curiosity
• Appreciation for now

What are your reasons to be thankful?

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