April 8, 2011

Will All This Webby Stuff Work?

Money Back Guaranteed

The job starts Monday. New city, new gig, new apartment and nerves are sparring with excitement. It’s what you have been working toward during all those long hours, weekends and late nights. The money is good, the benefits and vacation time is cool, the company seems solid and now there’s only one concern. You hope it will work.

The team at the agency promised the campaign is going to nail the perfect customer. The target of men 18-25 will eat this up. The focus groups loved it and the cross media approach was the way to go. But you can hear that voice deep down pondering just one question. You worry if it will work.

Smart People Converge

There are two excellent events going on this month. One right now is Social2011 in Boston and next week it’s SOBCon in Chicago. It is inspiring to see how the discussion has advanced.  Fifteen to twenty ears ago, those of us utilizing the Internet on a regular basis were looked at as weird geek people who needed to get some fresh air.

Now the discussion is with business people conceptualizing the digital future. It’s nothing short of amazing yet there continues to be one issue tugging at the consciousness of many people. Will it work.

Now is the Time

Perhaps we need to listen, collaborate, experiment, have fun, take chances, make mistakes and understand there is not just one way to navigate all this web stuff. Maybe with some time your company can gain some traction through commitment to the channels. And the effort will subside the desire for instant wins. It might just work.

Do you hope it will work or do you work at it every day?

Kneale Mann

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