May 2, 2012

Leadership and the Lone Nut

We spend a lot of time here talking about the importance of leadership. No one wants a boss, however most appreciate fair and strong leaders. But what does it take to be that first follower to join the lone guy dancing on a hill to make things happen?

We are often afraid to take chances which creates atrophied ideas. There is great admiration for those whose stand out and lead the charge but we often do so from afar. We need to join the idea when it may not be ours. It takes guts to be the first one to speak up but teamwork is requisite.

The next time you have a big idea, don’t be afraid to share it and be equally brave to know it takes others for it to become a reality. When were are inclusive to others and trust them with our ideas, magic can happen.

If you haven’t this, watch as Derek Sivers explains how a movement can be created in less than three minutes. 

Kneale Mann

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