May 23, 2022

Where Are You Right Now?

The world keeps getting faster and we keep adding gadgets and technology to make it easier which gives us more reasons to stay busier and less time for each other. The pandemic has created more Zoom calls than human connection. We're answering emails at all hours like hamsters on a wheel. There are days when I finally take a moment to look at a clock and it's 4pm. Where did the day go? I love my work but I don't seem to take a breath to gain perspective some days.

I once had a boss who traveled the country to meet with managers like me but was never really in the city he was located in at the time. During our meetings, his face was buried in his smartphone. He would fidget in his chair like a petulant three year old. His eyes would dart back and forth. He pretended to pay attention but it was clear he was somewhere else. The man couldn't sit still for a two seconds.

Busy Being Busy

Years ago, a friend moved to a much larger city. I asked him if he noticed the pace had increased and he said people seemed busier but he was unsure they were getting any more accomplished. A while back, I had a bit of a cold that lasted a few days. I tried to keep up with work but I had one critical realization; the world didn't fall apart because I wasn't answering emails within seconds. I'm not curing world hunger.

Let's heed the wise words of Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes; "We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are."

Sage advice from a cartoon kid.
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