October 28, 2010

Finding Passion

It can get lost in busy

A valuable lesson when you get stressed is to remember all the good stuff in your life. Easier said than done? Perhaps. A worthy exercise? Absolutely.

We've all seen stories featuring people overcoming insurmountable odds yet we feel anxiety over the most inane issues in our lives.

A colleague reminded me last week. You do your best, you do what you think is right, you own the responsibility you should own and then you let it go.

We must surround ourselves with those who will cheer us on and not waste our finite time trying to convince the inconvincible

We have to to play great music, eat great food, make company with those we care about and let the rest just wash away with the rest of our memes.

Think about a moment when you completely lost track of time. You were doing something so enjoyable that you weren’t concerned about anything else. That is passion and that is what we need to find and cherish most of all. We need to seek it out and not stop until we find it.

Do you think there is a direct correlation between your passion and your success? Is it worth keeping both within your sights?

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