March 28, 2011

False Expectations Appear Real

Eight Inches Between Our Ears

The human mind is a marvel of engineering we may never understand. We can run countries, survive 127 hours trapped in a cave or overcome monumental odds. Our brain can also keep us from succeeding, present obstacles that may not be there and create deep depression.

In business, you know that everyone in your company has a powerful force that can create magic and solutions. It can also produce damage and destruction manifested in subtle ways such as sick days, wasted meetings, lack of leadership, butt covering, that’s not my department and I didn’t get the email. I’m busy can quickly replace did you get the report finished while I’m not available can substitute standing by your decision.

Imagine for a Moment   

It’s been said that fear is a powerful motivator but as the saying goes it is often false expectations appearing real. So imagine, just for today all of those layers were removed. No more fear of failure, fear of success, fear of speaking out, fear of losing your job, fear of that client hearing that their idea won't work, fear of standing up for yourself, fear of (insert here).

Now imagine that same world where everyone took responsibility, owned the issues under their direction, allowed direct reports to honestly contribute to the process and stopped being fearful that someone may find out they don’t have all the answers.

What kind of day would you have in that world?

Kneale Mann

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