April 30, 2013

Managing Expectations

We make choices every moment of our lives. If we’re in a group, team, or company, those decisions are often magnified and frequently tied to a financial element.

Through every interaction, in tiny increments, we are making choices and creating expectations. We are agreeing on terms, making verbal and written contracts, setting deadlines, and creating anticipation for what we think will happen.

But are we articulating it well to others?

You see it when a supplier and a customer meet about deliverables, prices, quality, or a myriad other issues. Both parties think they’re right and as often is the case, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

The sales manager expects all of her reps to make a minimum of five prospect calls a day because she included it in an email nine months ago and it is how she built her client list so how could there possibly be another way.

Don’t bring me problems, offer solutions.

That sounds good on the surface, you don’t want a bunch of whiners and complainers, but if your team's solutions aren't implemented then they may stop offering them. Leaders need to create a culture where they are clear what they need and how each member can contribute.

The next time you share an idea, check in to see how it’s been received and how others may want to be involved. And with all of our technology and progress aside, a conversation can go a long way. A lesson I learn every day.

Managing perceptions might be our first step.
Kneale Mann | Leadership and Culture Strategist, Writer, Speaker, Executive Coach engaging leaders to build successful talent and profitable business.

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