January 5, 2015

January To-Do List

Today marks the first full week of work after the Holiday break. This is the time to get to all those things you put off until, well, now. You know that report, the proposal, the meeting, that call, those emails, and all that stuff you pushed forward in December? Those are on your plate right now.

There seems to be a lull between December 15th and January 15th where things wind down and wind back up but while you are sifting through your do it in the New Year pile, how can you get a jump on this ahead of everyone?

Less is way more

One way is to take a few moments today and carefully look at every item. Then determine which can be completely eliminated from your life. The ones that won’t make a single difference if you do them or not can deleted before you dive in.

They may have been important items at the end of last year but with some time, you may discover they aren't anymore. Check with who you need to check with and encourage everyone on the team to do the same. The results may surprise you.

It will make the January to-do list less daunting. 
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